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About SoCal Nexus
My name is Chris Nelson, and I am the creator of SoCal Nexus. I was an FBI Agent for 26 years in the San Francisco Bay area and in Southern California. I retired in 2014 and then worked for 3.5 years as a Vice President and an internal investigator for JPMorgan Chase.

Prior to the FBI, I worked as an internal auditor and a rate analyist for a large oil and gas energy company named Questar Corporation (now Dominion Energy).

I have an MBA and have passed the CPA exam. When I was young, I lived in Switzerland for three years, and in Italy for two.

While with the FBI, one of my skills was aviation where I was a pilot-in-command and flew over 5000 hours in support of a wide variety of investigations. I also received frequent computer training to augment my existing computer skills.

Chris Nelson

I left Chase in September 2017 to start SoCal Nexus, a company which performs a variety of services, including photography. During many years of FBI surveillance, we encountered challenging photography situations. Hopefully I can use some of the resulting photography skills to benefit you. Please take a look at the SoCal Nexus photo galleries. If you like what you see and think I can help you, please reach out.

Thank You.

  Chris Nelson

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